Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Special: Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie (2012)

Merry mayhem ensues when the Duncans, who are en route to Palm Springs to spend Christmas with Amy's (Leigh-Allyn Baker) parents, become separated after Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) suddenly gives up her seat in exchange for a free plane ticket. Unwilling to let Teddy travel alone, Amy also disembarks only to learn the next flight to Palm Springs departs after Christmas! So begins the oddest mother-daughter, cross-country odyssey ever. Meanwhile, the rest of the family arrive in Palm Springs, where they discover the perils of getting too much sun, getting Grandma mad, and getting Grandpa hooked on Gabe's video game! Will the family be reunited in time to spend Christmas together? In true Duncan fashion, in the face of some hiccups, hurdles and even a happy surprise, this heartwarming celebration will have your whole family laughing all the way.

My Thoughts

Disney movie! I tend to love Disney movies. This seems to teeter on the 'too corny' edge, but it looks like a good family Christmas movie. Their dash to their flight is fairly entertaining and reminds me of our family travels. Parents always think you're gonna miss the flight...If you can read, you can lead! (Sorry...my siblings will get that one...)

I really like all the characters, except for Amy and her mom. Amy's supposed to be the mother, but she spends the whole time whining and Teddy has to try to convince her that it's all gonna be fine. Isn't that usually the mom's responsibility, to convince the overreactive teenager to calm down and enjoy the trip? I hope there's a reason she's so ridiculous. And Amy's mom annoys me, because she somehow expects a 2-year-old to not touch anything...ever.

Watching the girls trying to drive a Yugo all the way to Palm Springs is fairly entertaining. There are some very humorous parts to this movie. Definitely not for people who are hyper-critical, but I found it quite entertaining.

I think I just found out why the mom is so nuts...Hmmm. She just ordered everything from the menu at the diner. Crazy, sick, and hungry like a beast. What could cause that? Definitely an alien abduction...

I love how Teddy starts complaining about there being 5 kids. There's five in our family, and it wasn't TOO ridiculously crazy. Okay, it was...But that's not always bad :-)

Oh, never take the 'little, unmarked roads'! The gray roads are never good...But I guess they usually lead to adventure, at least. My dad always tells the story about when he and my mom took a gray road near The Grand Canyon and drove up someone's driveway, through their yard, and past their kitchen window. But they found their way out eventually...

And I guess, if you're ever stranded in Vegas, just become a street performer!

Who locks prisoners in the armory?!? That just doesn't seem logical, especially if you're not great at tying knots. I wanna go paintballing for Christmas! I've never been and it looks awesome! That would be a fantastic family Christmas activity, in my opinion. Much better than biking across country, though that could be enjoyable, too. :-)

It's a strange and corny movie, but it was very family-friendly and quite enjoyable. And Charlie is the cutest little girl ever. Gotta love the Disney channel!

Random Facts
It premiered on December 2, 2011 on Disney Channel, almost ten years after Disney Channel's last Christmas-themed original movie, 'Twas the Night in 2001.

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